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            Industrial Quotient (IQ) Partners

            The Micron Advantage

            There is a different consideration set when choosing your industrial-grade memory. Micron knows that. So we design our embedded memory products accordingly.
            2D drone

            Application-specific optimization

            Application-specific optimization experience from extensive product and use case collaboration with our global partners helps you get to market faster.

            Extensive QA testing

            Extensive QA testing helps ensure the consistent and high-quality memory that your demanding IIoT products require in mission-critical applications.


            High reliability

            High reliability from our rigid design and testing processes increases memory endurance to help you meet and exceed longer product lifecycle requirements.


            Product longevity

            Product longevity for eligible products via our Product Longevity Program. The program extends our standard product lifecycle support — adding value to your Micron memory choice.
            ruggedized tank

            Ruggedized products

            Ruggedized products help your designs deliver consistent performance across extreme conditions such as temperature, thermal cycling, shock, humidity and more.

            Interested in becoming an Industrial Quotient partner?

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