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            Fast cars and faster data

            Today, cars do more than just go fast. They need to process and store massive amounts of data and they need to do so quickly. A car with Level 2 autonomous capability can easily generate 1GB and above of data/second. When you consider additional functionality including infotainment, communications, ADAS, gateways and powertrain control systems, the total memory bandwidth and storage demand goes off the charts! Micron automotive memory is the solution to address today’s and tomorrow’s extreme memory requirements.

            Automotive applications

            The most advanced in-vehicle experiences are powered by Micron memory. We're driving the pace of change in the automotive industry.

            Micron NOR flash enables the systems that optimize fuel economy, reduce CO2 emissions, and enable Enhanced Active Body Control.

            Micron’s multichip memory and storage solutions support the high integration requirements of TPUs that enable real-time communication with the infrastructure and other vehicles on the road to enhance the safe operation of vehicles.

            Micron DRAM, NAND, and NOR are essential technologies used in platforms that enable the delivery of streaming entertainment, driver information, and 3D maps, improving both the passenger and driver’s experiences.

            Micron DRAM, NAND, and NOR are the heart of the systems that reduce human error — providing advanced traffic hazard identification and communication to the driver this also includes systems that assume full control over the operation of the vehicle.

            Look what's in our garage.

            Micron has one of the largest portfolios of automotive-compliant memory and storage solutions. Check out our lineup.

            Automotive applications require memory to push the envelope in bandwidth, latency and power. Our SDRAM, DDR, DDR2, DDR3 and DDR4 deliver the requisite performance and more.

            Easy integration, development and design gets you to market faster. Our fully managed e.MMC memory with built-in controller and interface helps you optimize your storage requirements while getting your product to market quickly.

            Micron GDDR6 SGRAM front and back view with 180-ball configuration

            Address the enormous bandwidth demands of state-of-the art AD platforms using Micron’s automotive qualified GDDR6 graphics memory products. The high bandwidth, power optimized memory makes it the perfect match for the most demanding, high-performance automotive applications.

            Built to consume less power without sacrificing performance, our automotive LPDDR, LPDDR2, LPDDR4 and LPDDR5 memory solutions are perfect for instrument cluster, infotainment and ADAS solutions.

            NAND based MCP package with 162-ball configuration

            Automotive applications require a small automotive-optimized memory footprint for space constrained applications. Our automotive qualified multichip package solutions deliver the right combination of performance, size, and extended temperature range support.

            Automotive memory must function in extreme environments. Our NOR flash memory offers a high-quality, small-footprint package with execute-in-place capabilities for engine control units and other applications that demand the highest-reliability with lightning-fast boot times.

            Often high performance storage is required in a small footprint. Our SLC NAND flash memory is ideal for high-performance, low-power, high-bandwidth and small form factor automotive applications.

            SSD Industrial flash storage

            The growing demand for storage in the automotive environment requires rugged designs, increased temperature ranges and robust data protection features that only automotive SSDs can deliver.

            Universal Flash Storage

            Infotainment systems of next-generation connected vehicles employ multiple high-resolution displays with human machine interfaces that are based on artificial intelligence. Micron’s UFS devices deliver the fast data access and processing that bring these systems to life.

            Let's talk about cars.

            Learn more about the applications and products Micron makes for the automotive industry by checking out the interactive display below.

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